SCDChef.com is about the SCD (specific carbohydrate diet) as it pertains to the treatment of (ASD) autism spectrum disorders. I am the father of autistic twins. As such most of the recipes are also gluten free and casein free (GFCF) diet legal. For example, I’ll use ghee instead of butter.

I do make exceptions for both SCD yogurt and SCD legal cheeses. My daughter is highly sensitive to the casein protein yet she does not show any demonstrable symptoms after consuming these products. My advice for parents of autistic children is that you test all ingredients on your children and observe their behavior. It is highly advisable to keep a behavior log throughout the diet to help with determining any food allergies your specific child may have. Every child is different. Even twins!

The good news about casein is that it only takes 3-5 days to be removed from your child’s system. If you try it and find that it is a problem, you can remove casein (again) and be where you were in a short amount of time.

To give you an idea of how casein sensitive my daughter is, when I first put my twins on GFCF (at 27 months of age) she said her first word five days later. She had been babbling incessantly at an extremely high level for 16 months and couldn’t get over the hurdle and say her first word. 16 months after starting GFCF she graduated from her ABA program and was denied any insurance benefits for occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy because she was no longer had any measurable deficits. Her differences were entirely within the scope of personality differences. Yet if she gets any non-SCD legal cheeses (like mozzarella) she regresses to showing autistic symptoms.

My son made significant gains both in behavior reduction and increased sleep while testing Dr. Andrew Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet. The primary difference between the two diets is that Dr. Weil places an emphasis on the use of whole grains. The SCD does not allow grains. I do not use them and substitute nuts and nut flours. I also avoid soy and soy byproducts like tofu. I do, however, try to include anti-inflammatory ingredients such as emphasizing fish like salmon. As you can see these are food products that are commonly supplemented for autistic children: omega 3 fish oils. I also keep in mind Dr. Weil’s food pyramid for determining overall food choices. Many of the principles, such as eating lots of fruits and vegetables are the same.

My version of the SCD and personal commentary is informed by the GFCF diet, eliminates soy and emphasizes the anti-inflammatory diet and is intended for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders. You can read or skip my commentary on such issues as picky eaters, insomnia and autism behavior reduction. The guiding light for the foods that my family eats is SCD. No ingredients that are banned on SCD are contained in any recipe here-in.

I do not claim to be a scientist or dietitian. I am simply a father that has a lot of hands on experience with autism diets. I also have a personal interest in creating quality, delicious foods.